Sri Lankan Wilderness : Here we go!

Only the Big 3?

Sri Lanka has earned a significant reputation for it’s not so elusive leopard in the recent past, being  the only place on earth right now where sightings of the elusive leopards can be done without a major effort. Sadly with this ( due to lack of processes, policies and lack of understanding / education ) the situation can be widely abused affecting the very species that bring the visitors much thrill and excitement.

Sri Lanka leopard
The Sri Lankan Leopard – Chilling along the main road
Sri Lanka leopard
The Rollie Pollie – A way to scratch or happiness ?

We asked ourselves if a Safari in Sri Lanka is for  the leopard, the Elephant and the Sloth bear ? Do we need to necessarily chase these Big 3 in Sri Lankan wilderness?

Here’s  what we found !

‘ An Experience”!

It’s an experience, one that you never forget , even if you experience it over an over again! and one that you want to comeback again and again!

Sri Lanka wildlife Wilpattu national park
Ruddy Mongoose in Sri Lanka – an inquisitive creature came back to see us again & again
Sri Lanka Wildlife
Such a surprise – A pair of jackals having an evening feast!
Sri Lanka Wild life
A flight taking off : Painted stork – adding color for sure !
Sri Lanka Wilderness dung Beatle
What an effort to impress a potential partner – Dung Beatle
Comrant Sri Lanka Wilderness
Drying the feathers for another Dip perhaps?

‘An Addiction!’

Embracing the experience of wilderness in Sri Lanka is an addiction!. Well a good one of course ! it can be both time consuming and expensive if you are looking for a bit of luxury and  expertise when you go around, It’s still worth it. I had  the privilege of seeing some the Big and the Little things in Wilpattu National Park with Mahoora  Safari Camping.



Mahoora safari camping Sri Lanka
Dust @ Mahoora Safari camping
Mahoora Safari camping Sri Lanka
Wanna Cuppa?

Time to  unwind :  Note : For Safaris in Sri Lankan National Parks, you may want to look for reputed suppliers if you want to have a truly satisfying experience. Do look up for Trip Adviser and other social media for comments and feedback to make sure you select what’s best suited. My friend and I are ardent travelers of Sri Lankan wilderness, we are happy to hare our experiences to help you to select the best options!

Mahoora Safari Camping Sri Lanka

Mahoora Safari Camping Sri Lanka

Watch out…. for more on Sri Lankan Safaris!!


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