Rome, Italy – if you had only a day to visit

A Day in Rome

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Graceful Colloseum – a must see

Just Imagine if you got only a day to explore Rome,  one of the most fascinating historical cities in Europe! What will you do?

It is just unimaginable because Rome offers so much, so much more than what you can do in a day. So if you are like us having just a day to spare

Here’s what we can recommend….

  1. Go on… to  less travel paths

Don’t get stuck by doing the typical ‘tourist’ things. It is good to read and get yourself familiarized  but have your own plan.

In-fact the less of ‘being a tourist ‘ helps you as Rome can be quite infamous for pickpocketing. Sad but it is true and  you must be absolutely careful when you are in crowds.  So we decided to be impulsive,  relax and enjoy Rome rather than ticking off  a list.. and it just worked so well for us!

2. Decide on a few key  places that interests you !

It is true that Rome offers a lot of places to see, however if you stay in the right place in the city , most attractions are within walking distance . ( Within 15-20 minutes walk), if not you can take a metro and travel 1-2 station stops. We tried both , but we loved walking down the streets and alleys of Rome, so walking just suited us and gave us that extra excuse to bite into a yummy croissant or indulge in one more il gelato                         ( completely guilt free)

The Trevi Fountain – in the Trevi district of Rome, designed by Italian Architect Nicola Salvi

We suggest you walk around the area a bit early in the morning if you like freedom of movement ! after 10.00a.m the place gets extremely crowded with tourists and vendors !

Trevi fountain, Rome, italy
Trevi Fountain

3. Our main interest were


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Colosseum is a must see place in Rome. It is in the middle of the city so access to it is pretty simple, The beauty of it hits you only once you go in. Its majestic depth can take your imagination to the history which is also known as Flavian Amphitheatre which was used for entertainment including gladiatorial games.

One important point we want to make, getting tickets is not an issue if you travel in Spring and at a less crowded time , I.e in the evening . The queue  is relatively short. You do not need a guide unless you are a history student! You can find your way and there is enough information to read and devour!

Inside the majestic Colosseum
Colosseum, rome, italy
Inside the colosseum

Arch of Constantine, Rome, italy
Arch of Constantine

Arch of Constantine and the gardens area few meters away from the Colosseum. This is a triumphal arch in Rome that was built to commemorate Constantine 1 s victory.

Arch of Constantine, Rome, Italy

Streets of Rome

It is Never a good idea to wear heels in Rome or in most parts of Italy .. as they are paved with beautiful cobbled stones, So keep your heels for a special occasion.. make sure you have super comfy shoes to walk around!


The area around Pantheon is just lovely, it is full of little cafes with Italian delicacies and of course il Gelato!

Castel Sant.Angelo

We walked from our downtown hotel to the Vatican City. As we had a half day and no time to do a full our we decided to enjoy the moment by stopping, clicking and just embracing the beauty of Rome.

This was built as a Castle , now turned into a museum. there is apparently a secret corridor that connects the Castle to the Vatican City. You can pop in hereon your walk to Vatican City, sadly we were short of time!

Vatican City

Unarguably one of the most beautiful and serene places  that we have visited. Beautiful in sight and spirit.

Vatican City, Italy


4. Where to stay in Rome

We had one full day in Rome , meaning two half a days as we arrived and departed from Rome. We decided to try two places to experience different parts of the City and both were equally lovely.

Our first stay was with Giobarti Art Hotel – 5 minute walk from Roma main station – which was a super option. We took the train from Roma Fumicino to the Central Rome station ( 30 minutes )and walked five minutes to the Hotel.  It is surrounded by many lovely cafes and has a vibrant feel outside as this part fo the City tends to get busy . However inside the hotel is an absolute gem, spacious, modern, room with all amenities. The breakfast provides a choice including continental.  Staff is lovely and helpful. The reception is open in the morning for couple of hours and again in the evening for another couple of hours if you need additional help.

Our second place of stay was Club Novana .. What a lovely little place.. Fantastic rooms and great hospitality, ideal for travelers as it is based downtown. The best of hospitality we received !

As we walked down the streets of Rome, we came across things we wanted to click and enjoy as part of our journey

The unforgettable Apron


Happy Roaming in Rome !









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