Roads less travelled in Sigiriya – Sri Lanka

Lesser Known paths of Sigiriya

Sigiriya, a small town in the central province of  Sri Lanka has been always favored amongst travelers, foreign and local alike as it holds the majestic  Lion Rock, once a fortress built by  King Kasyapa (477-495 CE ). He built this on a top of a rock and adorned it with frescoes, a few which have survived cruelty of  time.

Sigiriya, Lion Rock, Sri Lanka
Scenic Ecstasy of Sigiriya Lion rock

Sigiriya Lion rock Sri Lanka






The Beauty ..

The beauty of the Lion Rock is not just about it’s history. It has so much more than that. The climb itself is invigorating, but more so the amazing views that captivate your heart and you just feel like embracing the beauty and the peace that it brings.

In the less travelled corners of the surroundings you find some amazingly beautiful corners.  One such place is the adjoining Pidurangala rock. Climbing the Rock is not too difficult , however unlike the Lion Rock it is much closer to the nature so be prepared! Do make sure you have something long to cover your legs as you reach the entrance where you are required to walk through an old temple premises. Carry a scarf to cover your legs, if not you might end up wearing rather unpleasant smelling old clothes that are provided.. ( I had to do that.. as I had no clue!)

Pidurangala Rock – less seen side of Sigiriya




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