Mount Lavinia Beach, Sri Lanka : the untold stories


Mount Lavinia Sri Lanka

Mount Lavinia Beach, Colombo, Sri Lanka, just 15 minutes drive up on to the south of Colombo, way to the city of Galle. A turn down the path in Mount Lavinia, a suburb of Colombo  and you come across this hidden little patch , a stretch that mesmerizes any city dweller.


Mount Lavinia Beach is not a replica of any  ‘ city beach’ , To me it’s a hybrid of urban hype and laid back  seclusion that many beaches cannot match up to. Although it is commonly known for a stroll, or a dip, what’s known does not do justice to the many      ” little”  untold Stories.

The untold stories 

Beach Mount Lavinia Sri Lanka

beach Mount Lavinia Sri Lanka

Foot prints Mount Lavinia

  • Mount Lavinia,

is one of the friendliest beaches that you will find close to the  City of Colombo. With  warm salty water gushing  to the shores,  I ‘d rather opt for a spinning jog than a stroll. What more… it is a fantastic place to unwind, stretch and try all your yogic positions early morning.

  • If you are a lover of the sea, you can opt to go diving with trained divers…Mount Lavinia Beach Sri Lanka Yoga Saturday morning

Mount Lavinia Beach, Sri Lanka


  • explore the endless intricacies that come gushing to the shore.. who knows you might find a message in bottle …
  • Or sit back and sip a beer as the singes down.. there are plenty of selections on food and beverage down the beach


Little things to remember 

Make sure you don’t carry too many valuables 

If you are not a Sri Lankan, chances are such that you may be approached by vendors on the beach. 

Chill beach Mount Lavinia Sri Lanka










Just enjoy the simplicity of life @ the Mount Lavinia Beach, Sri Lanka






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