Manchester’s Hidden treasures

Walking through the Grandiosity of Streets of Manchester City – UK

Manchester UK places to see
Town Hall building Manchester UK

Manchester – United Kingdom may be known for lots of things including one of the highest student population across UK. What caught my eyes were the stunningly magnificent buildings of all shapes and sizes. A corner street surrounded by an array of colorful modern and old combo. Walk more through the city and you are bound to see a lot more.

The way to explore the city centre and adjoining streets is definitely by  foot . Let your imagination to wonder!

From grand old majestic buildings to the odd modern masterpiece makes Manchester a unique place. I loved basking in the summer’s sun and wondering around the streets and capturing the images and wondering what if …?

Manchester City UK
Art on the windows

Make sure you have good walking shoes as you may do easily 5-10 km  without you even knowing it.

Loving  the food, the color , the texture the variety ….…. they seem to just melt into the artistic appeal of the city. The amazingly bright sunny lemons sitting prettily next to the brown hairy coconuts , in the tiny  street market in the middle of the city.

Corner Market Manchester UK
Lemons and Coconuts
Rasberry and Coconut Doughnut .yummy

Manchester has some of most  beautiful little corner streets of arts, crafts, pottery hidden away . Manchester craft and Design Centre is a must see. I found little artists cubicles to be having such an aura of delightful artistic gestures. My favorite were hand crafted  jewelry , the ink printed  cards and knitted items .. Never thought knitting can be that creative! Well love them all…In case you get too tired the little cafe inside – Oak Street cafe –   for the nicest cakes &  sweets

Manchester Art and Craft Design Center
Ink Cards printed, nutty Pie from the cafe


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