Just another wild Life Safari ??

Fascinating Wild Life Safari  in Sri Lanka

Wild life Safari’s are becoming very ‘in thing’ to do.. whether its a fad or true passion there are many ‘ little things ‘ amongst ‘ big’ things that you would certainly do not want to miss out. For this you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune or huge amount of  time.  In fact you can sandwich your wild life passion into your busy schedules as we do.

safari Sri Lanka


You cannot simply miss the grandiosity of simplicity.  What an awesome site , contrasting color  and stance of nature.

Peacock, wild life Safaris Sri Lanka
The Grand stand of a peacock

Sri Lankan Wilderness – Birder’s Paradise

Sri Lanka birds wilderness
Blue Tail Bee eater
Peacock wilderness Sri Lanka
Peacock in action – Hoping to get lucky this time!

You are likely to see birds of all sorts, the migratory blue tail bee eater who can be spotted in flocks during the months of November to February in most places. One thing for sure is that the peacocks found in abundance have the most hilarious stories. We came across a peacock who was (mistakenly !) trying to impress another peacock and realizing his mistake was quick to fold the feathers . The one above worked so hard only to have the pea hen walking away! how  unlucky! poor guy.

Sri Lanka Wilderness birds
White rumped Shama

Amazingly beautiful and shy, white- rumped Shama has such a melodious voice that you would just fall in love.

Sri Lanka birds wilderness
Checking out for creepy crawlies
Birds Sri Lanka wilderness
Lost in thought or paradise ? Brahmin Kite



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