Italian Food Trail

Why be discrete ?

We are foodies!! We love our food!

Gelato Italy
Cannot resist a Gelato!

We both love our food and that makes it super exciting  when we travel together. We are excited  by the flavors of regional  cuisine and  not afraid to try new flavours.

So, Italy was  a dream come true, except having to worry about our waistline!

Pasta Italy Italian food
Colorful pasta

Pasta Italy

We were somewhat  apprehensive about  our Italian food trail,  what if we don’t find new flavors ?  Would  flavors of Italy  be similar to what we find outside Italy  ? or would they be as exciting as we have heard ?

Having read so much about Italian food  we could only discover by eating and drinking…

So here’s what we found .. that we would love sharing with you 

Pasta Italy

a) Pasta : 

You find pasta everywhere. They are fresh which is lovely and the dishes are simple not heavy. Drizzling of olive oil and a generous splash of grated parmigiano is the Italian trick.

Note : The bases of sauce may have regional flare, for instance Greve offered more of Game meat ! So your favorite  spaghetti bolognese may be made of venison instead of minced beef!

b) Seafood galore !

Italy is surrounded by the sea, so it is no surprise that you find some of the most gorgeously flavored seafood . The best we had were in Venice and Monterosso ,Cinque Terre. We were totally taken aback by the flavors of the sea , plenty of Clams, mussels cooked in wine, Octopus , anchovies are some of the best.  Generally they are served with bread of all shapes and colors. Most restaurants  offer bread and a plate of mussels along with a glass of sauvignon blanc does  it all…

Note : We read comments by some travelers online that restaurants charge for bread. however we never came across that  during our stay. All the restaurants served freshly baked rustic bread..

By the way butter is a rare commodity. So don’t ask for butter , just drizzle some olive oil or dip it in the sauce! after all It’s ITALY

Italian Breakfast

C) Italian Breakfast

Wow.. I loved Italian breakfast .. It is all about pastries, croissants filled with custard and oozing chocolate .. so much so that my favorite meal of the day became  breakfast. Pastries come in all kinds of shapes  and a cuppa with that (generally latte or cappuccino – but  as we observed Italians prefer espresso)  just kick starts your day ..

Coffee Italy
Breaki in Italy

Note : if you don’t like sweet stuff for breakfast you may have fewer options. So opt for regular pizzas. They come in all kinds of flavors with crispy thin crust. The cafes offer customized slices , the person who is serving will cut the large pizza into the size that you fancy. Guess what ? you can indulge on one or more flavors without adding too many calories…

TIP : When it came to Pizza toppings we found the basic favors were absolutely the best, Pizza magherita was one of our favorites.

Pizza Italy Italian food
Pizzas and Pizzas

d ) Vino – Wine

Italy is all about it’s wine . All so lovely…  to our luck we did not have to drive , so tasting wine was the way to go.

We found distinguished flavors in each region and regional vineyards. You need not be a connoisseur of wine, you can be like us just enjoying the flavors with the right kind of food. Just ask for help from the cafe or the restaurants  and they will guide you to some beautiful tasting wines.

Note : Wines are very much affordable in Italy but the better wines are a bit more expensive.

Wine Italy

Tip : The days we got too tired and fiery after too many activities , we simply stayed in bed and indulged ourselves to cheese, wine and biscotti

cheese wine and biscotti Italy

Wine Tasting

One of the best parts of our travel experience was wine tasting in the mountains of Greve ( in Tuscany region) . We would recommend you to seek assistance from the Hotel. We had a wonderful tour  – 1/2 a day driving up to the mountains to 3 lovely vineyards . It costed us 65 Euros per person altogether. It was fully worth!  Apart from the wine

you get a chance to try the beautiful flavors of olive oil and grappa of course ( if you are up to it)

Wine Tuscany
Wine train In Greve
Tuscany Italy food wine
Happiness is in tasting !

d) Gelato

Nothing works in Italy without Gelatos. You find them everywhere , they are not expensive and comes in large number of flavors. Never too creamy or heavy so you can easily have more than one.

TIP : If you consume too much alcohol the way to go is a couple of gelatos to make you sober! Speaking from experience  ofc.

Gelato Italy

Gelato Italy
Yummy Flavors!

e) Cosy Cafes —

In our Italian food trail, we found many cafes that were cosy serving yum pastries, sweets and the most wonderful Italian coffee. What we cherish most are the warmth and great service of the Italians. We felt at home always !

Italian food
Beauty of Italian food and people

Italian food

Italian food
Tiramisu – a must try

TIP 1 : If you are on a budget pick the smaller cafes. If you want to indulge yourself you can pick a  restaurant. The prices significantly differ  cafes to restaurants from lets say 15 Euros to 35 Euros per person.  Nevertheless restaurants are fully worth and and value for money and cafes serve equally good food!

TIP 2: Italians can eat quite a bit !! and they take it slow with absolutely no rush  ( : so go for a starter and a main course or a main course and a dessert if you are like us. We found it hard to do all three at one go.

Finally – the best news of all

After indulging ourselves so much , our waistlines remained the same ( The best news ever!)  we never had hangovers.( too good to be true, isn’t it)

Indulge ! Enjoy ! and be Happy !Just like we did !

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