Hiker’s paradise : Summer In Grinderwald, Switzerland

A must visit place : Interlaken, Switzerland in summer, Grindelwald.

Grindelwald Switzerland
Grindelwald : Switzerland in Summer

This beautiful valley, also known for its’ skiing in winter, bursts into a mass of color in summer with all types of Alpine flora. What a feast for the eyes!


There are over 90km hiking trails in the valley that lead through woodland,across the valley floor and over the mountain slopes.      All trails are sign posted so no worries of loosing your way !

summer flowers Switzerland

A short train ride from Interlaken takes you to Grindelwald station and then you can either walk up to the mountains or take the cheats way out and take a bus ride half way up to Klein Sheindig because it is quite a climb!

I took the trail to Lake Bachalspee which took about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Klein Scheindig. The lake per-se was nothing much but the walk up there was well worth the effort. Once you take in the view from the top ( after enjoying a hearty picnic lunch) you can either walk down to Waldspitz and take the bus from there or take a walk through the forest to Grindelwald station.

Flowers Switzerland summer
Summer Switzerland flowers

The Flowers!

Every where I turned a different kind of flower : a pink one here, a yellow one there, one shaped like a bell, the other like a star : they just took my breath away!

Switzerland summer flowers

Viola Calcarata

TIP : Do carry warm clothing and rain gear even in Summer!

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