Hidden Gardens of Bawa

A marriage of modernity and Culture – a seduction

Bawa’s Lunuganga – Gardens


Sri Lanka, Lunuganga, Geoffrey Bawa architecture
A marriage of art, culture and modernity – Bawa’s gardens in Lunuganga, Sri Lanka

Geoffrey Bawa Lunuganga Gardens

On less travelled paths, we chose to visit Geoffrey Bawa’s country home situated in Bentota, Sri Lanka. Bawa is synonymous with Sri Lankan architecture. Despite his late entry to the field of architecture past his 40th year, his work reminds the world the beauty of a marriage between modernity and days gone by.

Treasures – Unfolded

Amongst many treasures that create the uniqueness of Lungunganga and Bawa’s work in particular are the combinations of artistic  treasures brought from various places in Sri Lanka as well as created for the garden by many renowned artists across the globe.

Lunuganga Gardens Geoffrey Bawa
Bawa’s creativity in using massive Jars that were used by Portuguese to trade spices – soon became fashionable

Trees like no other

Even the trees have new meanings from placement to shaping. Even after many years you can see the techniques adapted by Bawa to shape and prune the garden

The architectural ingenuity of Geoffrey Bawa is omnipresent !

We suggest that you visit the place to absorb and live the beauty of it.

Finally, a few tips – Make sure you go at the time of guided tour.. tour times are at , 9.30 a.m, 11.30 a.m, 2.00 p.m and 3.30  p.m.  You can get more details and booking for lunch or accommodation by logging to www.geoffreybawa.com..

For those who love art, culture, the visit is a must! Lunuganga Gardens is situated in Bentota, South of Sri Lanka round 2 1/2 hours from Colombo,




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