Glamping in Sri Lanka

Glamping in Sri Lanka – Yala

Glamping Sri Lanka
Early Morning Cuppa!


Glamoing Sri LankaGlamoing Sri Lanka Yala Mahoora tented safari camp

Camping across the globe has taken new meaning in the last few years, so if you are like me, loves wilderness but not to be too wild and bothered BUT to  have a comfortable overall experience  then the new meaning to camping is the way to go – hay it’s GLAMPING 

Recently I had at the ‘ privilege’ , (it is definitely a  privilege to be in the wilderness and be pampered) to be thoroughly spoilt and pampered in the Mahoora Tented Camp in Yala. Mahoora camp ( borders the Yala National Park, so it is as good as one can get, For those who love glamorous camping ” Glamping” let me pen a few things down!

Mahoora Glamping Sri Lanka
Enjoying the Bliss on a hammock

Points to remember when Glamping in Sri Lanka!

  1. You get truly pampered! At Mahoora I found myself getting really pampered and spoilt , much more than in a conventional accommodation set up.  I got an amazing tented accommodation Unit, with a en suite bathroom, shower, wash basin and a whole load of amenities to keep me properly washed and clean in the wild!!, a private hammock; I truly loved this to find out later when I opened my eyes I was being stared at by a friend, a grey langur as if to say ‘ hmm.. join the wilderness’! As the sun came down  and my feet got weary , I was surprised by the very pleasant and wildly luxurious foot therapy!
Glamping Yala Sri Lanka Mahoora
Foot therapy in wilderness
Mahoora tented Safari Camp Sri Lanka
Inside the bedroom
Mahoora Tented Camp Yala Sri Lanka
Inside the Tented accommodation







2. It is not basic food and you will never ever starve in fact you get rotten spoilt with a whole array of food : I am sharing a few pictures of my feasts!

My Break, lunch and the tea buffet will speak for themselves   Hint: if you stay for more than one day , please make sure you do enough walking around! Just to melt away the loads of calories!

Not the best of pictures!!

Breakfast Glamping Mahoora Sri Lanka
My Breaki of freshly made Local “Kimbula buns” and muffins

3. Wilderness is everywhere : You need not go anywhere …..the camp is full of wildlife and ‘wild’ stories.. I truly enjoyed sitting down by myself and watching nature that seem to be endless and mostly full of stories!

Mahoora Glamping
Resting my feet in wilderness

4. It is not cheap , but value for money and a life time experience: Glamping at Mahoora is not cheap, it may not be your usual budget but it is definitely one of those experiences that you must have..  Well let me say , life a thick chocolate fudge you see and you plan to have one day …? something like that!

5. Staff is fabulous: what I really love about  this experience is that Staff at Mahoora were so nice, friendly and attentive. They were aways there but giving that privacy and the space that you really need.

Glamoing Mahoora Sri Lanka
The Chefs

A few things to remember :

There are warmer and colder seasons – be prepared, carry a mosquito repellent and a sunscreen if you are going on a safari, there is wifi !, a lovely little corner to relax, work if you must and books to read, Very child friendly, kids have things to do, there are board games and you can speak to the Manager or the residential naturalist to arrange a nature walk or visit some interesting places.. 

Well remember you cannot do all at once  ( : , but you will certainly get pampered while camping !


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