Galle Fort Sri Lanka – Hidden Treasures

Galle Sri Lanka
Going Back in time : Galle Sri Lanka

Galle, the port city in the southern coast of Sri Lanka is an amazing place. Galle Fort has captured my heart for different reasons.

  • A  place where the past comes to live, yet manages to have a friendly modern ambience.
  • Your feet can wonder for hours and hours on puzzle like streets without a care in the world.
  • Walking through the cobbled streets and finding the old treasures of buildings and museums is simply amazing

A good hour of walk in the Galle Fort, what you are  likely to come across can startle your hibernating  arty side. From Barefoot (for local authentic handwoven material that you may be so tempted to grab and run (:  to just gazing at the beautiful architecture of an era gone by is blissfully intoxicating . Built in 1588 by Portuguese,  the Galle Fort has many beautiful buildings that you can literarily devour.

Galle Fort Sri Lanka
Stunning Clock Tower at the entrance
Galle Fort, Sri Lanka
A place to hang out in the Gallery Fort

Marine Museum

One of my favorite places in the Fort, small compact marine museum. It tells you a whole lot about what  life was like a few centuries ago in a catch. A  glimpse of a by gone era within a snap  is invigorating when there is much more to see around as well. Certainly recommended if you are on a day tour in Galle, Don’t miss out. It is at the entrance to Galle fort and cannot miss for sure!

Gall Sri Lanka Marine Museum
A man from the coast of a bygone era – Galle Sri Lanka
Galle Sri Lanka Marine Museum
An Elite couple during colonization – Maine Museum



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