Galle Fort in a day

Galle Fort never seizes to amaze me. I can visit this beautiful, iconic UNESCO heritage site and never get tired of it. I reckon it is the same with most people.
Galle Fort has turned out to be a unique place with its own character, attracting almost all travellers to spending a day or two exploring this magical Fort. While most end their journey in Galle Fort, some tend to start the journey by sending couple of nights here. Which ever way you plan your travel, spending a night with a full day to explore Galle Fort is an absolute must.

Galle Fort Sri Lanka
Galle Fort Sri Lanka

6 favorite things to do in Galle Fort

  • Explore Galle Fort on foot

    There is nothing as fascinating and rewarding as exploring Galle Fort on foot. I have done this a number of times and there is always something new that I discover. The cobbled streets are great and comfortable to walk ( a comfortable pair is must though). There may be an occasion tuk tuk that passes by in the narrow pathways which is actually quite characteristic go Galle Fort.
    • Walking also allows you to take breaks and explore the little quaint shops and enjoy a cup of coffee or a gelato.
    • Most days tend to be sunny, so make sure you have a sunhat with you.
Streets of Galle Fort Sri Lanka
Walking down the pebbled streets
  • People watching

    What’s so special about Galle Fort is that it has not lost its authenticity with all the arrivals of tourists. Take a few moments to standby and watch the simple lives of locals unfolding. While some parts of Galle Fort up display all the loving care of fresh paint and touch ups, the most characteristic areas are the older buildings like the one below.
Galle Fort Sri Lanka
Galle Fort Sri Lanka
Galle Fort Sri Lanka
Galle Fort Sri Lanka
  • Explore the Marine Museum and visit the old Dutch churches

    The Marine Museum is an interesting place that showcase a bygone era. You will need approximately an hour to an hour and a half for to explore the museum.
Galle Fort Sri Lanka Marine Museum
Galle Fort Sri Lanka Marine Museum
  • Be a shopaholic – Shopping — Yes shopping!
    Let me introduce to the evil of shopping. There is a logical reason to my sopping always : things to take back home, don’t you agree?

    Galle Fort has a number of quaint boutiques that I love. Barefoot, SPA Ceylon are amongst them.
    One of my favourite boutiques is also Three by TPV. A great place to pick a linen romper or a carelessly easy flowing summer dress. I also love their unique pieces of hip jewellery, they remind me so much of the ocean.
    A stop at Stick No Bills is a must. I love these vintage posters and I can wonder around them for hours. I have now got small collection of these beauties all framed and hanging in at home in Melbourne and in Colombo.
Be a shopaholic
Galle Fort - places to shop
Galle Fort – places to shop
  • Explore the food scene – Be a foodie
    Galle Fort is now known for its upcoming for scene. The restaurants serve multi cuisine fusion food that can please most people if not all .
    These options also come in many different price ranges so that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bank breaker.
    • For indulgence I would certainly recommend high tea at Amanagalla. It is definitely worth the money you spend with freshly baked scones to an array of beautifully dressed delicacies. Go on and have that glass of bubbles if you are not driving around ( which I am sure you will not)
    • For a good old fashioned G & T go to Church Street Social.
    • A range of delectable seafood dishes are served at a number of restaurants at the Dutch hospital including Tuna & Crab
    • For snacks and a contemporary Sri Lankan food try Sugar Bistro and Tuk Tuk.
    • Pedlars Inn Cafe is an all time favorite where you would find a good rice and curry.
      I am yet to explore Hoppa and the Pasta Factory, will surely update you once thats done.
  • Pick your best option for accommodation inside Galle Fort
    Whether you want to an indulgent stay or not, stay one night inside Galle Fort. This UNESCO heritage has so much to offer and a night stay will give you a glimpse of it. There are number of options from home stays to quaint value boutique hotels to more grandeur upmarket properties.
Fort Bazaar, Galle Fort Sri Lanka
Fort Bazaar, Galle Fort Sri Lanka
Enjoy your stay

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