For Food Lovers Only !

Life without Spice and Heat is unimaginable!

Colombo City Sri Lanka

The most amazing part of being in the City of Colombo is the sheer variety of food that you can get in every corner. Let us take you to the Lagoon, Cinnamon Grand, Colombo Sri Lanka.

@ Lagoon, you can get anything and everything that you desire in terms of seafood. Straight from the sea ( or alive , not a big fan of that to see the poor crabs !)  to your plate in any flavor from Chinese to Thai to Sri Lankan to Western.. you name it and you have it.

Hot & Spicy

The food is great, wine is good and the atmosphere is buzzing!

Colombo Sri Lanka Food wine

Food Colombo Sri Lanka
Hot butter Cuttle Fish – Chinese style
Food wine Colombo Sri Lanka
Flavors of the world in a meal : Hot butter Cuttlefish/ Thai Red curry Moda fish

Must Go ! if you land in Colombo, Sri Lanka and if you are like us big time seafood lovers!




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