Foodie in a City – Soul Food

Market Melbourne Australia
Fresh Produce @ Preston Market in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia is a fascinating place. Apart from such a diversified multi cultural environment, what really encapsulate your heart is the fascinating range of food.. Well I did not have the liberty to taste all, unfortunately… Here’s a range of soul food that is seriously revives the soul…  Enjoy !

Preston Market Melbourne Australia

One of the best ways to get fresh produce from veggies to sea food is to hop into a fresh produce market. Preston market I can be found the suburb of Preston in the north of Melbourne. It is such a buzzing place where you can find everything and anything from, Asian food to  anything that you fancy!

Monney Ponds Melbourne Australia
Best of Italian snacks

One of my favorite places in Melbourne, Australia is this little cafe tucked in between shops in the main street in one of the northern suburbs of Melbourne. To me it serves one the best double hot chocolate .. Trust me …I never wanted to leave this place…


Food Italian Melbourne Australia

food Italian Melbourne Australia
Simple yet delicious




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