Exotic Beaches to explore in Sri Lanka

Beaches – so not known

It is kinda funny because Sri Lanka is all about  sandy beaches and sun, from head to toe, east to the west.

What we are about to share (this is the first one of hopefully many!) are those little patches of breathlessly awesome sandy pristine  beaches that seem to never have heard or seen  human kind..

Believe it or Not!

This is a spawning patch of beach a good drive,   7-8 km interior the Deep South of Sri Lanka, Kalamatiyawa, close to the town of Tangalle.

Exotic beaches Sri Lanka tangle
Exotic Beaches In Sri Lanka
Tangalle Sri Lanka exotic beaches
Time Stays still
Exotic beaches tangle Sri Lanka
Splashing of water in pure silence

#1 – Kalamatiyawa Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Turtle Bay Resort is a small boutique hotel that stays majestically on a small hill facing one of the most awesome untouched beaches that I have ever seen  in the deep southern coast of Sri Lanka. Approximately 20 km to the main town of Tangalle, presumably the closest town, this beach is a paradise, hidden and tucked away where time does not unfold. I was lucky enough to spend a weekend strolling and embracing the beautiful beach , the sound of the breaking waves, still echoing in my ears!

Exotica beaches turtle bay resort Tangalle Sri Lanka
The view from the garden
Tangalle, Sri Lanka
Turtle Bay Resort, Tangalle, Sri Lanka
Tangalle Sri Lanka
View @ Dusk

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