Under the Tuscan Sky

Tuscany a dream to conquer

Tuscany Greve in Chianti vineyards

I happen to come across this article on the florenceinsider.com that speaks of 10 Tuscan Villages that you must visit. So I quickly browsed through to see if our dreamy, quaint, Tuscany village  – Greve in the Chianti region  is  one of them! Aha …for some reason  has been missed  out . My only guess is that the author would have not visited Greve,

Tuscany Sun falls on a colorful home in Greve, Chianti in the Tuscany Region

You can only fall in love with Greve in Tuscany

Well here’s our first hand experience on the quaint village of Greve in Chianti region in Tuscany!

Let me first give you a quick glimpse of how we ended up in Greve, it is kind of funny and coincidental. One of those ‘accidental decisions’ that turn out to be one of the best experiences in life , in a very pleasurable manner of course !  When we first made our travel plans our first intention was to cover the places we have seen and heard and mostly which we loved to step in to as well. In the process  we realized it was not all that practical given the number of days we had. So we had to opted to drop off Milan  for another occasion ,,,,and to spend a couple of days in Tuscany. After all there is no Italy without Tuscany! We were totally carried away by the movies and cTV shows  including Giada in Italy that is recorded in Florence itself.


So here’s what we love to share with you, especially if you are a first time traveller to Italy like us.

A view of Florence at a glance

Countryside in Tuscany is a better option than Florence

Tuscany Italy
Greve- Under the Tuscan Sky

Greve in Chianti region  in Tuscany is 1 hour drive by road from Florence . A beautiful little city in the midst of nowhere. Not literally though. It buzzes with life with a cute and vibrant City center with stunning landscape that fills with little mountains, wine yards, willowy trees and more so the tiled thatched roofs that you can see from every little hill. It feels like you have gone back in time to a land like no other where time passes by and you may live happily ever after.

Greve in Chianti Tuscany
Life passes by in Tuscany
Tuscany, Italy
Greve in Chianti Region, Tuscany
Tuscany Italy
A view of Greve , Tuscany with thatched tiled roofs and the Tuscan Sky

Accommodation In Greve in Chianti Tuscany

There are many offering accommodation in Greve. Forget about large commercial hotels and opt for smaller places that gives you the feel of Tuscany and a home away from home.  We opted to stay at Antico Pastificio        ( look up on booking.com) where we were well looked after by Monica and Marco. It is a wonderful place, 2 minutes walk to the City Center. It  has its own swimming pool and plenty of spaces for families to hang around too and equally private for couples or single travelers. We particularly liked the terrace that overlooked part of the town as it is situated in an elevation.

Tuscany Accommodation greve
Antico Pastificio – A place to stay in Greve
Greve Chianti Tuscany antico Pastificio
The terrace at Antico Pastificio, a place we loved to hanging out in the afternoons

Nothing beats the Tuscany Sun!

Under the Tuscany Sun anything is possible. The sun truly is incredible in Tuscany! Even in spring, the sun has a spirit elevating effect… You can watch the sun for hours, like a new found lover and never get bored by it’s warmth or the brightness.   When the sun goes into hiding, you truly feel saddened as if you have lost someone dear and near~

Tuscany Italy
Greve- Under the Tuscan Sky


Tuscany Italy
Tuscan Sky – A mood Lifter

It is about the Wines

Marco picked us from the train station , he is the brightest and the cheeriest of all we met in whole of Italy.  His first few sentences to us ( apart from struggling to pronounce my surname that appeared on the booking (:) was to let us know that we would enjoy all the wines. Drink and don’t worry !!!

Wine Tasting Tuscany
Tasting a little too much of wine is never too bad!

We did figure out Chianti is a major wine producing region in Tuscany  and being in Greve was going to be fabulous, especially when our welcome drink was a bottle of Red wine with a pack of biscotti! Wow what more can you expect from life!

Wine tasting in Italy
Wine tasting is a must experience in Italy
Tuscany Wine
Time to ‘Uncork & Unwind’

In our previous blog on Italian food train we spoke of wine tasting.. well this is one place to do it. You can do a half a day or full day, where you will be driven around to beautifully located mountainous vineyards . Please click on https://www.winecheeseandhike.com/2018/05/05/italian-food-trail/ to get all the details of the tour.

The food is Unique and fabulous

What’s really fantastic about Italy is the regional twist in flavor and combinations. Tuscany is of no difference.  We found lots of meat in Greve, particularly Game meat including wild boar and moose. Game meat is popular in all the dishes including spaghetti bolognese. However if you don’t fancy game meat you can always choose a more conservative option.  So not to worry.  There are plenty of cafes and restaurants around the little City Center and some more popular than the others. the popularity of course is based on a large choice they offer!

Italian Food experience
In Italy sweet pastries are for breakfast

People are quite something

Yes, people are wonderful in all of Italy and Tuscany is no different.  We felt the care wherever we stepped into.

People Italy
Marco and Us outside Antico Pstificio  in Greve

Marco was exceptionally great , he guided us to make some of the best choices and the wine tasting tour we did with him was fabulous!

Who said only Milan is for Shopping ?

We met an exceptional entrepreneur who had one of the most beautiful shops in the town. Her shop is called Piccole Armonie and she has the most exquisite Italian  Handmade goodies! Its shop no 35, Via Rome, Greve in Chianti. Of course , we had to buy !

Italy Shopping Tuscany
Piccole for Hand Made Italian goodies

hand made Italian goods

We met Sheena! – OFC she is a Cat!

Transport required

If you travel by train, you need to get a ticket to Firenze SMN station . ( Note there are two stations and this is the larger one ).  The hotel arranged  the pick up and the drop. It costed around 85 Euros one way which was fully worth, especially when we were totally taken care of from platform to hotel and vice a versa. However if you feel more adventurous, there are buses that will take you from Florence to Greve and we recon timing would be similar. Cost of buses are  relatively cheaper.

About Roosters!

There are roosters everywhere in Greve, We were confused initially to find Roosters in signs and shops and everywhere we went, then voila -we were told about the Legend of the roosters.

Unique eye catchers!

Time to Linger

Remember Tuscany is even more laid back than rest of Italy, nothing happens fast.. You need time to linger. and savor and absorb Tuscany as it is.. The feeling is amazing and at times inexplicable.. So if have not yet been to Tuscany, get ready pack your bags !

Tuscany Italy Travel
Greve in Chianti, Tuscany, Never to be missed


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