Beatles live on!

Beatles : Music Lives on

Liverpool UK

I will always  remember my first impression of Liverpool, UK as a city thats yet to move with the times.  I am not sure I would call it a simply heritage City!

It is laid back , a bit sombre in gloomy English Summer, mixed with the sound of the sea and the unbelievable set of sea gulls that dominate the city both day and night!

Music Lives on

Many Places to see.. including the Beatles Museum … Feel like decades coming to live!

Beatles Music Liverpool UK
Entrance to the Beatles Museum in Liverpool

Walk Down the memory Lane with me ….

Beatles Liverpool UK
Lets Cross the Road with Beatles
Beatles Liverpool UK
The Legend – John Lennon




Beatles Liverpool UK
” Imagine- John Lennon@the Piano”

Liverpool is a place for Food lovers too!

food Jamie Oliver Liverpool UK
Wouldn’t want to miss Jamie Oliver – One of our favorites!
food Pizza Liverpool UK
Aha… Authentic Italian Pizzas that you cannot miss


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