Arugam Bay Sri Lanka

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Arugam Bay

Walk into a time trapped tunnel where a paradise with no worries , no care exists! Where else could it be other than Arugam Bay – Sri Lanka! Emerge in the ‘now’ where all is possible at Arugam Bay, a small town sprawled in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, a most sought after destination for keen surfers across the world!

I am a local and not a surfer, I don’t bask in the sun either.. Let me tell you.. Arugam bay has a lot more to offer than surfing.

Here ‘s my story

Sandy beaches of Arugum Bay has many stories

Arugam Bay is for Foodies !

Vibrant restaurants to street food – you name it and you have it.

What more the unbelievable variations and twists to local favorites are a must try. Here are few of my favorites….

'Chinese Roll" : Simply delicious- A Sri Lankan Speciality - A thick flat stuffed  pancake deep fried.
‘ Chinese roll’

Chinese roll – has nothing to do with Chinese and I have no idea how the name came up. It is a firm favorite with the locals and loved by kids and adults for sure – A thick/ flat pancake stuffed with mashed potatoes and tuna, wrapped up, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. – Usually served with tomato ketch up ! Just delicious

Bruschetta - Sri Lankan Version
Bruschetta with a Sri Lankan twist

Another a must try is the local bruschetta ..local toasted bread infused with a beautiful, juicy tomato topping. I just loved this!

Flat bread - 'Roti' coated with Nutella
Nuttella infused flat bread

If you get as crazy as me, go-ahead and try the Nutella infused/ coated flat bread for your breakfast. Well not necessary a healthy option but who wants healthy options in a paradise ? You can have these in many places down the Main Street .. this was my favorite but if you do not like sweetest of flavors there are plenty of savory options available. It is made right in front of you and served hot !

Lime & Soda

Places to stay at Arugam Bay

  • There are many options for accommodation in Arugam Bay based on what you want from quaint luxury accommodation to beach huts to mid to low range accommodation.
  • You can select your preference based on your budget in Arugam Bay, whether you travel solo, as a couple, friends , family or in a larger group, whether you want a beach front ( my favourite so that I hear the sound of the waves forever and see the sun rise over the horizon)
  • Book early if you are traveling during the season ( May – November )
Surf n Sun

Surf N Sun in Arugam Bay is one of my favourites – It has such brilliant character and so much creativity everywhere!

Surf N Sun is a quaint hotel with stunning character that embrace the spirit of Arugum Bay
Surf N Sun – Arugum Bay
Hide Away In Arugum Bay in Sri Lanka is yet another quaint stunning accommodation that the place offers.
Hide Away Arugum Bay -Simply Stunning accommodation!

Things to do in Arugam Bay

  • Of course – Surfing – Arugam Bay is The place and Sri Lanka’s surfing hotspot

However there are lot more other interesting adventures that you can simply embark on.

  • One of my favourites – Visit Kumana National Park – Home to the elusive leopard and abundantly blessed with beautiful wetlands that are home to so many beautiful birds. It is a 30 minute drive and there are plenty of places that will organize a morning or afternoon Safaris. You can check prices and make arrangements to fit your schedule.
  • Remember there is no rush , your game drive is such an intimate and private affair!
Kumana National Park has a lot more to offer than wild life, an amazing walk up the rocks took me to a place with ancient ruins . What more a simply stunning view!
Inside Kumana National Park

The beaches

  • The beachesin Arugam Bay are not only to bask in the sun! – they are places to see and feel the everyday lives of locals, sea fishermen return from the ocean or a place to sit by and sip a cool beer while watching the changing shades on the horizon
Arugum Bay Beaches with local communities and the beautiful sky !
Many Faces of Arugam Bay beaches

Street Food in Arugam Bay

A busy day in the beach is not the closure to a stunning day in Arugam Bay. The spectacular evening unfolds at dusk where numerous vendors stack up there B.B.Q grills on the street. A fascinating array of freshly caught sea food from jumbo prawn to squid to exquisite range of fish are displayed. All you have to do is to pick your choice and pick the spice levels and there you go – have your own B.B.Q on the streets!

Arugum bay by dusk when B.B.Q grills get hot and ready for days catch!
Arugam Bay by dusk Seafood grill on the streets of Arugam Bay

Extend your walk down the street to visit a few interesting places in Arugam Bay where local hand crafts or locally produced goodies are sold before saying good bye !

” Are you about to book your next holiday to Arugam Bay ? Well I would anytime !

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