A day in Venice! Italy

Venice, Italy
Venice @ it’s Best

Venice is a dream and on the bucket list of many . So  when we finally  stepped in to Venice, you can imagine how thrilling it was..

There is so much about Venice everywhere from articles to bloggers to what not.  Writing this we had to consider what many may not tell you.. here we go ..

Where to stay

If you are first time travelers like us, you may be baffled by  many options available for accommodation. There are many options! Ours was based on simply wanting to favor the ‘ real life’ of Venetians not what every tourist sees.  So if you are like us you can opt to stay in the mainland.   Alex ( Alexandrio) shared his home with us for the two days we stayed in Venice ( You can find him on airbnb , he is such a fantastic host). His home is just 5 minutes walking distance from Venice Meastra , the train station and 10 minutes of walk to some lovely piazzas where restaurants and Gelato is omnipresent !

Traveling to Venice

Train is what we opted for ! Trains are available from all cities to Venice.. From Roma to Venitia takes around 3 hours non stop and you can opt for first class or other .. Trains are lovely , clean , extremely comfortable and reliable. There are two train stations in Venice . Depending on where you stay you can opt for Venice Meastre                        ( Mainland) or St. Lucia ( in Venice islands). booking your tickets in advance makes sense and makes it easy. Carry a printed copy of your tickets if you feel you may need some help along the way, if not your iPhone wallet does it all.  If you are lucky like us you would find first class tickets for the same price as others and enjoy your space and luxury..  Italian country side is beautiful and you are so gonna enjoy the train ride.


Venice, Italy
A guide to Venice – Map
There is so much to say about Venice, But let us pick on a few things that we enjoyed and cherished.

The Venitian Market

A place you must visit and it’s easy to find. You will come across many things including lovely   Italian herbs  & spices and sun dried Tomatoes.  It buzzes with activity and yet holds the beauty of Venice ! at a slow pace

Arts and Crafts – Venice caters to all!

If you are arty like me and my friend , you will go crazy in Venice.. From intricate, delicate work to humongous work is what you see and what you can buy too… if you have the means to carry and the budget.   work from Murano glass  ( Murano is an island close by that you can visit and see the hand made blown glass work) is amazingly breathtaking.  The venetian masks are intriguing and mysterious. The contemporary art gallery is for those who love a bit more modernity .. Venice has it all!

FOOD in Venice

Like everywhere in Italy Venitian food is to die for. Make sure you explore the restaurants that are generally busy as they have the best – from seafood to wine – the dishes are simple and exquisite.

Places and Piazzas

Venice obviously has way too many places to hang about , the piazzas or the squares. You will find many tourists in these,.. apart from the common places to hang about there are some amazing places you must see, amongst them is  the Hands ( a bit ghostly !) 

Get a full of Venice by making a booking ( It is free but must be done in advance ) at T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi by DFS. You can do this online and make sure you reach the rooftop at the given time. The view is breathtaking !

And if you are shopaholic .. this is the place to be !

GONDOLA RIDE – Make you finally believe that you are in Venice

Of course you cannot miss on the Gondola Ride.. It costs 85 Euros , you may decide to share  it some others or just indulge yourself with a gelato or a glass of champagne in your hand.. It is all yours !

Finally ..

We suggest that you go to  Venice in Spring , as its is lovely .. Not too crowded and the weather is good .. however it can get cold .. so carry your warm clothes.

Although Venice is infamous for pickpocketing, we remain safe and yes we took precautions .. the advice from our host Alex was not to pull out money and to keep change to use as and when you want..


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